Stucco Services Long Beach 

Stucco Siding is surprisingly economical and beautiful exterior wall finishing used throughout the United States. Long Beach Stucco is the professional Stucco choice for many homeowners and local businesses. We provide high quality Stucco Siding Repair, coating and Stucco installation, restoring homes and offices to their previous glory. 

We have long standing relationships with local builders and contractors, keeping ties to your community. We exceed stringent manufacturing guidelines and adhere to application specifications on every job we do. Our Stucco keeps Long Beach homes and businesses looking fantastic. 

What is Stucco Siding?

Stucco is used as a finishing and sealing material on exterior and interior walls in many buildings. It is comprised of a cement base which lends itself to a variety of colors and textures. Skilled Stucco craftsmen understand the importance of getting Stucco finishing work done correctly. 

Stucco Siding can be applied two main ways; Hand troweling and spray application. Depending on the specifications of each individual job, and the underlying building materials, our contractors can recommend the appropriate application and finish. We always meet or exceed A.S.T.M. Standards.


What will my Stucco Application Process be?

Each project is different, but many follow these simple steps to Stucco Restoration.

  • Trenching – This might be required at your home or office’s foundation prior to stucco work.
  • Protecting- All plants and exposed surfaces are covered and protected from cleaning and stucco work.
  • Cleaning – Using water or sand, we throughly clean and prepare surface before repairs.
  • Surface Preparation – Cracks and patchwork is done and allowed to completely dry. 
  • Application- Either by hand or gun, Stucco Siding is applied.
  • Sealing/Painting- Sealers and waterproofing is applied as specified. 

We work with our Long Beach Stucco Contractor Clients to keep Southern California vibrant and beautiful!

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