Stucco & Drywall Services In Los Angeles

Surprisingly economical, Stucco Siding is a beautiful exterior wall finishing used throughout the Southwest United States. Los Angeles Stucco & Drywall Repair is the professional Stucco choice of many Southern California businesses and homeowners. 

We provide the highest quality Stucco application, repair, and restoration available and partner with local builders and contractors. We commit to following manufacturing guidelines and closely adhering to application practices. Our Stucco keeps Los Angeles homes and businesses looking their best. 

What is Stucco Siding?

Comprised of a cement base, Stucco is used as a finishing material on exterior and interior walls. Custom colors and texturing make it a versatile choice for many applications. 

It can be applied by trowel or by spraying. LA Stucco Repair commits to meet or exceed A.S.T.M. standards and strictly adhere to local specifications. 

Stucco Applications usually include the following steps:

  • Trenching – May be required at the building’s foundation prior to stucco work.
  • Covering – All vegetation and structural surfaces are protected from Stucco.
  • Cleaning – Water or Sand Blasting may be needed to prepare the surface before reapplication
  • Surface Preparation – patchwork and crack repair must be done and allowed to dry
  • Application – Stucco Siding is applied 
  • Sealing – Sealers and/or waterproofing is applied as specified by the manufacturer’s standards.

We work with our Los Angeles Stucco & Drywall Repair clients to keep Southern California looking beautiful! Call us today and we will be happy to answer your questions about our excellent stucco service

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