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Stucco Siding that was not applied or sealed properly will absorb water and start to break down over time. Often, our clients notice peeling paint and growing fissures, at which point the damage may require very extensive restoration. This is more than unattractive, as it leaves your home exposed to elements, inviting mold or worse. If you notice or suspect dry rot then we suggest you contact a local termite company to have them inspect and treat the timber. In our experience of dealing with local contractors we recommend this company for termite treatment in Orange County . 

Our contractors often note two major factors that contribute to most Stucco Failure and Decay; sealant demise and water damage. Quite often it is discovered that drainage issues on the property have gone unchecked, causing costly damage that might have been avoided. We notice that some of these issues are relatively simple fixes, requiring only gutter cleaning or sprinkler redirection away from the foundation. According to this Painter Branson, MO the number of properties that have stucco damage as a result of neglect in exterior painting has escalated in the last 5-10 years. He added that since the recession in 2008, homeowners have spent less on upkeep than they have in the past. 

 We also suggest the removal of all water hungry vegetation that is up against your house. This not only resolves may water issues, but cuts down on water use in this time of extreme drought. Our company policy is to educate our clients and advise on the best Stucco practices available, allowing you to make decisions that benefit your home’s longevity.

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